6 tips to help keep you safer from travel scams

Safeguarding your travel booking experience from start to finish

Ticking off the bucket list with the trip of a lifetime, reuniting with family and friends, or flying for business? The choice available online can feel daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to book.


“Unfortunately, there’s a growing number of scammers targeting customers via fake travel agency websites or social media platforms. We urge people to check and check again before they part with any money. The safest way for customers to book their travel is always directly with a SkyTeam member airline or a reputable travel agent.”


Katerina Sibinovska

Chief Information Security Officer, SkyTeam

To help keep you and your money safer, here are 6 things to remember:

1. You cannot book travel online on SkyTeam.com.
SkyTeam’s website features a flight finder tool that helps find the best itinerary to suit your needs from the thousands of daily flights available across our network. Simply select your favorite routing and you will be redirected to the relevant airline’s website to book direct.

2. SkyTeam is not affiliated with and does not own or operate any travel agencies
SkyTeam.com is an airline alliance that brings together world-class global airlines to deliver a more integrated, more seamless and more responsible travel experience for their customers. We do not operate and are not affiliated with any travel agencies that use our name or similar names.

3. SkyTeam doesn’t offer Round the World fares or travel passes
You’ve been offered a limited-time-only, bargain travel pass that’s fully flexible and allows for unlimited name changes. Sounds great, right? Wrong.

All air fares come with terms and conditions regarding dates of departure, flexibility, name changes and more. In the meantime, SkyTeam does not currently offer Round the World fares or any kind of travel pass.

4. Always book via a SkyTeam member’s website, reservations center or a reputable travel agent
If you are confident booking travel yourself, always ensure that you’re using a genuine SkyTeam members’ website or a reputable travel agency.

If you’d prefer to book over the phone, SkyTeam members’ contact centers have multi-lingual travel experts ready to help. You can find the details of where to call in the ‘Contact Us’ section of our members’ websites.

Be wary of unsolicited offers that appear via social media platforms.  

5. Never share your personal information
Phishing (scam emails) and vishing (scam calls) are means for fraudsters to obtain your travel details. SkyTeam will never get in touch to ask for your travel plans, reservation and frequent flyer numbers or any personal information.

6. You think you’ve been scammed. What now?
Scammers can be very convincing. If you fear you’ve fallen victim to travel fraud, act immediately. Contact your bank / credit card provider, the airline and the police or dedicated cybercrime agency in your country.

Always remember: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.