e-Freight replaces two-thirds of the paper documents required for air cargo with electronic messages. The result is lower costs, faster turnaround and less hassle. SkyTeam Cargo is one of the leading global alliances in e-Freight development.

Lower Costs

e-Freight can save the total airfreight industry up to US$ 4.9 billion per year.

Faster Supply Chain Transit Times

Sending documentation before the cargo itself reduces the industry cycle time.

Greater Accuracy

One-time electronic data entry reduces shipping delays caused by entry mistakes. Electronic documents are also less likely to be misplaced.

Regulatory Compliance

e-Freight meets all international and local customs regulations, as well as civil aviation requirements.

Increased Security

Electronic documents are only made available to parties who require them for the completion of a shipment.

Environmentally Friendly

e-Freight eliminates more than 7,800 tons of paper documents, which reduces weight on board and CO2 emission.