Czech Airlines has implemented the Skyline cargo system from the Czech company Golden Support

PRAGUE, 19 January 2022


From left: Jan Korol (CEO Golden Support), Olga Malá (Manager cargo revenue accounting - Czech Airlines), Jiří Hubálek (COO Golden Support), Dalibor Zeman (Cargo Manager - Czech Airlines).

At the turn of the year, a contract was signed between Czech Airlines and Golden Support. The new contract further deepened the purely Czech cooperation in the field of air freight transport. Golden Support, thanks to the implementation of the Skyline for airlines cargo system, will help to automate and streamline cargo processes in Smartwings Group airlines, including Czech Airlines.

The Skyline for airlines system is the first time it has been deployed for an airline, thus completing the successful Skyline family of systems. This includes versions of Skyline for GHA, designed for air cargo terminals, Skyline for airlines, designed for airlines and AWB Line, designed for air freight forwarding.

The Skyline family of air cargo systems supports all processes and enables real-time communication between airports, airlines and forwarders. It includes sophisticated modules for, for example, dangerous goods clearance, security checks, cargo bookings and sales, or capacity planning. The system is designed in accordance with IATA international standards and is therefore fully compatible with other systems used in the air transport supply chain. As a result, messages are processed automatically by the system, eliminating the possibility of error, and individual data messages are sent in real time to airlines and airports around the world.

Director of Golden Support Jan Korol says: "We had a great cooperation with Czech Airlines on the project and I would like to thank my colleagues very much. We supply our Skyline family systems abroad and I am glad that we as a Czech company have joined forces with the Czech national carrier. In such difficult times, when airlines are being hit hard, we especially appreciate that Czech Airlines is thinking about the future and automating its business processes."

With Skyline for airlines, we are gaining a modern multi-purpose platform which enables further integration of technology, electronic communication and digitalization of cargo process management in our company. It is a great benefit that this technology comes from a Czech company with which we have a long-term business relationship, but also an interest in innovation in the environment of air freight transport in the Czech Republic and abroad," adds the Cargo Manager of Czech Airlines Dalibor Zeman.