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The Round the World Planner is a tool that will assist you in creating Round the World (RTW) flight itineraries where you start and end in the same city, always traveling in the same direction (East or West). Such type of travel implies adhering to complex rules. Round the World Planner hides the complexity of such rules and helps you optimize your itinerary, saving your time and effort.

With the SkyTeam Round the World Planner tool, you can tailor your Round the World Trip yourself, at your own pace. You can add/delete as many as cities as you want and choose your flights yourself. It gives you total control over your travel plans.

You can compare any number of routes and evaluate all the options. You may start planning an itinerary, save it, retrieve it and compare it whenever you like, and in a variety of formats. This lets you complete an itinerary in multiple sessions. 

In addition, the interactive Map View lets you review your itinerary on a world map. It helps in checking the exact position of any city, explore regions and identify the best airports to visit them.

Follow this >Round the World Planner. Click Plan your trip around the world to get started.

You cannot add a city that is not a valid SkyTeam destination. It has to be an airport that is part if the SkyTeam network: that being said, you can use the Search destination option at the top of the screen in the Map view to search the valid SkyTeam destination that is nearest to your desired destination. 

You can select the number of passengers and cabin on the home page of the Round the World planner as well as the prefered payment currency.

There are four different Go Round the World fare levels determined by the maximum mileage based on IATA standards permitted per trip as follows:

- Go Round The World Fare 1 up to 38,000 miles

- Go Round The World Fare 2 up to 33,000 miles

- Go Round The World Fare 3 up to 29,000 miles

- Go Round The World Fare 4 up to 26,000 miles.

After your route is complete, you will automatically be able to view the Fare Estimate on the bottom of your screen.

The Alternative transportation option can be selected between two cities. It means that instead of flying you prefer to travel by road, rail, boat or any other means of transportation you would arrange yourself. 

You specify this option by selecting the 'Alternative transportation' checkbox (when selecting the flight for that sector) or click the  in the edit route selection menu on the map page.

Note that — even though you are not flying — the maximum permitted mileage will be added for surface segments, i.e. set as “Alternative transportation.

If your choices do not comply with the SkyTeam Round the World rules and policies, an error message with a red warning triangle will appear. Click on the icon to see the reason for this error and how to rectify it. 

Mostly, you will need to make a change to your itinerary such as deleting segments that are violating the rules, adding correct cities or changing the sequence of the itinerary. In order to view the list of all rules, click on Rules at the very top of the screen.

The Go Round the World Pass may be purchased in Business and Economy classes of service. A per sector buy up is available to purchase from Economy to Premium Economy and from Business to First class (When Available). For more information please refer to the RTW Quick Reference Guide here.

You can plan and book the round the world ticket directly on the Round the world Planner tool online. However after choosing your flights and at the time of reviewing your itinerary, you can also click on Request Booking Assistance option to directly request the respective SkyTeam airline for assistance with the booking.

As per round the world rules, children aged 2-11 years shall be charged 75% of the fare. Infants aged under 2 years not occupying a seat shall be charged 10% of the applicable fare. Infants under 2 years occupying a seat shall be charged 75% of the fare.

Note: Unaccompanied children and infants cannot travel at Go Round The World fares. 

After your ticket has been issued, you can only request for a change or cancellation online. Enter your booking number and last name on the Home page to manage a booking. After your itinerary is retrieved, click on Change Flights, Cancel Flights or Add/Delete cities buttons to proceed further and submit the request. One of our agents will then contact you to process the required changes.

You can accrue miles with any SkyTeam member airline on your Round the World Ticket. At the time of creating your booking, you can enter your frequent flyer number on the Traveler details section.

Please refer to step 6 in the Demo.

Note: A fare, including taxes and surcharges, is only valid if the flights are flown in the sequence provided on the issued Round the World ticket. Any change requested to the routing and/or sequence of flights might result in recalculation of the fare, based on the actual flight routing and sequences.

In case of no-show or reissue of the first flight coupon (flight from the Country of Origin), a fee of USD 125 will apply, unless this is due to illness or death of the passenger or his family. In case of rerouting, the fare difference, if applicable, based on recalculation of mileage and/or stopovers will be added.

In case of cancellation of the Round The World journey, a fee of USD150 will apply. Any change of travel dates, time, carriers or flights other than the first flight coupon, will be free of charge, subject to availability, However, a local service fee may apply.

A more detailed demo of the Round the World planner can be found here

You can use your miles to purchase a Round the World ticket by contacting the airline you have your miles with. This applies only to Aero Mexico, Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines.
You can also use your miles to upgrade selected sectors of your trip by contacting your airline.

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