Convenient Connections through SkyTeam Hubs

Planning itineraries with connecting flights is simple thanks to SkyTeam’s extensive network and convenient flight schedules. And once your journey begins, you can count on us for seamless and efficient transfers through some of the world's most modern hubs.

Boarding Passes, Bags and Tags

When you fly and connect from one SkyTeam member to another, you can check in for all of your flights at once. You receive all of your boarding passes and your baggage is tagged through to your final destination. You may need to collect and re-check your bags at certain airports because of local security or customs policies.

Need a Helping Hand?

SkyTeam member airlines have transfer service centers open, or being developed, at our high-traffic hubs. This is the place to go for transfer information and help with printing a boarding pass or selecting a seat. If you should miss your connecting flight, an agent will rebook you on the next available flight. For those who prefer to help themselves, you will find an increasing number of handy, self-service kiosks at our main hubs.

Care & Assistance

The weather has a mind of its own. Aircraft occasionally need an unscheduled check to ensure the safety of our customers. When the unexpected happens, our member airlines offer common everyday SkyTeam Care & Assistance across the alliance. And several members provide even more extensive services.

Take a Break between Flights

SkyTeam opens its doors to Elite Plus, First and Business Class customers at more than 750 lounges across the globe. We are the world leader in providing alliance lounges for your comfort. Outstanding amenities and a stress-free atmosphere make the SkyTeam Lounges in Istanbul, Vancouver, Dubai, Sydney and Santiago de Chile the perfect place to relax or do a bit of work. See you there!

Did You Know…

These are just a few of the things SkyTeam members are doing to make your connections smooth and seamless. Behind-the-scenes, hundreds of our best people are working together on new products, systems and services to make your transfer from one SkyTeam member to another even easier. It is all part of the SkyTeam philosophy of Caring more about you.